Sculpture collection


Insects are the ultimate technology.

They represent the best of mechanism and living machines.
Most human developments since ancient times have been inspired in some way or another by this enormous territory of earthly life: Insects
The myth and sacredness around them is as old as human kind.

One of the most common visual characteristics is the brightness and colorfulness of their bodies. The reason that has pushed artists to represent countless insects and related them to gem stones. A lot of engineering solutions are inspired by insects’ mechanical systems.

Evolution theory and paleontological research give us information of why nature created these shapes, functional solutions and colors as they are.

For the desirability of insects, reasons can be much simpler.

We might just feel attracted to them while at the same time we experience anxiety. We don´t now why, but that´s the way it is.



Direct carving in colombian white quartz, montana sapphire, 18 ct. gold and wood*
7 x 14 x 10 “ 
26 lb



Direct carving in Colombian white Quartz, Montana sapphires, 18 ct. gold and wood*
8 x 11 x 6 “
22 lb


Direct carving on Colombian white quartz, Montana sapphire, 18 k gold and ebony wood*
4 x 6 x 2 “

*Montana blue sapphires by Robert E. Kane